Turning Shopping into Play: The Gamification of E-commerce
Turning Shopping into Play: The Gamification of E-commerce
“As e-commerce evolves, gamification emerges as a crucial strategy for success. With the sector expected to grow significantly, companies that leverage interactive and engaging tactics are well-positioned to lead the market,” writes Kenneth Tan, Co-Founder and CEO of BeLive Technology

By Kenneth Tan, Co-Founder and CEO of BeLive Technology

The digital marketplace is rapidly embracing gamification, enhancing customer interaction and satisfaction. With the global gamification market expected to reach $30.7 billion USD by 2025, innovative platforms are integrating game-like elements to captivate a broader audience. Gamification techniques, such as reward systems, challenges, and competitions, add an element of fun and excitement to the shopping process, driving higher levels of engagement and increasing the likelihood of conversion. Amazon, for example, is expanding its engagement through the “Amazon Live” FAST channel, offering interactive, shoppable content that transforms traditional shopping experiences.

Engaging with customers online has become more than just offering sales and discount codes. Consumers today are looking for meaningful experiences with personalized features and real-time responses from merchants. Retailers who are able to meet such high standards have a better chance to keep clients loyal to their brand, proving to be a reliable and entertaining platform that goes beyond selling products. 

Gamification in e-commerce employs elements such as points, leaderboards, and challenges to create a more interactive shopping experience. This approach significantly boosts engagement, with studies showing that it can increase user activity by up to 68 percent, thereby enhancing the overall shopping experience and increasing customer loyalty.

Scene-Setting Shopping: Merging Retail with Fun

The concept of ‘retailtainment’, blending retail with entertainment, is gaining traction, with 70 percent of businesses expected to adopt gamification strategies by 2024. This trend leverages consumers’ desire for immersive experiences, integrating shopping with entertainment to keep them engaged and entertained.

It’s about going beyond traditional retail practices to offer customers more than just products, providing an experience that captivates, entertains, and ultimately drives sales. From interactive displays and live demonstrations to themed events and experiential pop-up shops, retailtainment aims to turn the act of shopping into an enjoyable and memorable activity. 

According to BeLive Technology’s internal research, integrating trivia and polls, for instance, can lead to a 30 percent increase in call-to-action (CTA) click-through rates. Bukalapak for example, has capitalized on this by hosting weekly “Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”-style gameshows, which not only entertain but also offer cash prizes, effectively increasing user interaction and deepening engagement.

Spotlight on Live Commerce: Interactive Buying in Action

Live shopping is experiencing significant growth worldwide. Platforms like Grab, which tailor experiences to consumer feedback, are at the forefront of this trend. Grab enhances its live shopping events by allowing users to send virtual gifts to their favorite merchants or influencers using Grab points, adding an interactive layer that enriches the consumer experience.

Live commerce is not a new trend, but over the last few years, it has been evolving and, the addition of gamification and entertainment features has elevated consumer experience. Authentic content is still of extreme importance when it comes to live shopping, as users are well used to having access to unique and innovative content online. The blend of interesting content and game-like features can be essential for e-commerce platforms that want to stand out and attract new audiences. 

Custom Play: Tailoring Experiences for Today’s Shoppers

Today’s consumers demand quick, personalized, and engaging shopping experiences. Gamification addresses these needs by providing dynamic interactions that encourage participation and reward engagement, leading to a 40 percent increase in customer retention rates. This strategic approach meets the evolving expectations of tech-savvy consumers.

As e-commerce evolves, gamification emerges as a crucial strategy for success. With the sector expected to grow significantly, companies that leverage interactive and engaging tactics are well-positioned to lead the market. By offering cutting-edge experiences, these companies can meet and exceed the modern consumer’s expectations, ensuring sustained growth and relevance in the digital marketplace.

By combining entertainment elements with online shopping, retailers can create compelling experiences that not only drive sales but also foster deeper connections with consumers, ultimately leading to greater brand loyalty and long-term success in the digital marketplace.

About the author
Kenneth Tan is Co-Founder and CEO of BeLive TechnologyKenneth Tan is Co-Founder and CEO of BeLive Technology. He grew up in Singapore and studied at Nanyang Polytechnic, earning a diploma in digital media design. Prior to creating BeLive Technology, Kenneth landed the opportunity to work for a startup video game publisher Nubee. Following this experience, he joined Tokyo Listed DeNA Co. Ltd. (TYO: 2432) as Director of Product, and in his two years there released multiple AppStore-featured products. While with DeNA, Kenneth was first exposed to live streaming video as one of the startups DeNA invested in, Showroom, was gaining massive success in Japan. Shortly after, Kenneth decided to return to Singapore permanently to explore the possibility of scaling a live streaming business in Southeast Asia.

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