About Us

Retailist Magazine is a news and retail magazine focused on modern commerce as it relates to digital innovation. The publication examines our culture’s ever-evolving relationship with marketing, commerce and traditional retail. Our goal is to connect our audience to quality content and award programs for retail brands to tell their story of innovation. The publication was launched in Summer 2020 with overwhelming support from thought leaders across the globe. We are a Google News-approved publication.

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring together the best news, ideas and bold predictions from leading retailers and ambitious brands across the world and disseminate it to an audience of readers who love the retail and eCommerce realm as much as we do. 

Our readers are made up of consumers and other businesses that are hungry to hear from experts in almost every line of business, as it relates to retail: from C-level executives, to Marketing, Merchandising, Store Operations, IT and Supply Chain. 

Featured Thought Leaders

We feature hard news and unique perspectives from expert executives across the globe. 

These experts stand at the helm of their niche in retail and provide readers with real-time, trending insights to ensure you remain on the bleeding edge of commerce innovation. Contributing thought leaders include C-suite executives from Hubspot, Wix, Printful, Global-e, Zapaygo, TradeGala, Birdie, Inurface Media, and more.


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