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The Future of Cash Back

The future of cash back is for everyone. There is a democratization of rewards bringing high end reward products, like reward cards and reward programs, available to everyone. You no longer have to have a Sapphire or Gold card to get perks and rewards anymore.

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How to outsmart grinch bots this holiday season

How to Outsmart “Grinch Bots” This Holiday Season

The Christmas shopping season is almost here and it’s going to be insane. Everything from PS5’s to nap dresses and sneaker releases are expected to be scooped up by grinch bots that will be taken to the resale market for an insanely inflated price. Retailist recently talked to Niels Henrik Sodemann, co-founder and CEO of Queue-it, who has valuable tips for consumers looking to snag their most wanted items this season before the bots do.

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